We will keep our eyes fixed on Your IT – no matter whether you prefer a small or large service solution. And what’s your benefit? Definitely less concerns. In case your server goes crazy at noon, this is not your problem any longer. It’s ours.

Sometimes, servers are weird too.

IT – working!

Successful businesses need a securely working and affordable IT system. It doesn’t matter if in your office, in a data center or in a cloud – we can realize any solution. Internet and telephone installation included? No problem. For rent, leasing or IT as a service? We will do it. Just let us know what you need – we’ll check the feasibility and we’ll promise only in what is possible – and will fit to your needs.

24/7 on-call service

Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, suddenly “rien ne va plus” – nothing’s working. And now? In this case, ram electronic’s experts are available 24/7 to get your IT working again as quickly as possible. To prevent this total shutdown we care for a reliable technical system, a solid backup and a regular maintenance.

Via remote maintenance on the spot.

A short explanation of your problem and we’ll help you in an uncomplicated way. Via remote maintenance we are able to install programs, analyse problems or recover lost data without being physically on-site.

Someone is sitting in your office.

For larger projects short-term support of one of our consultants might be necessary. Which means: Our expert is present on-site and cares for the smooth realisation of the project. He is ready to answer your questions – and this all at an affordable daily rate.


We can foresee problems. With the help of our monitoring system, we are able to recognise and identify disruptive factors of your system at an early stage. Thus, we can react before it comes to a failure of the system. And without further action from your side, security vulnerabilites will be closed. Your IT will continually be updated.