Anyone who wants to achieve goals should be good at networking.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single server, a server farm or a blade: We will install and oversee your environment. On premise or in a data center. We guarantee a trouble-free operation of your business-IT.

Terminal Server and VDI

With a terminal server and virtual infrastructure you can take your usual working environment wherever you want – no matter if you work in the office, in a park or at home. How does this work? Very easily: The software is not on your computer but on a central server. The advantage: All data will be saved in the data center or on your server. Flexible and secure – worldwide.


With virtualisation and modern networking, higher availability and more flexibility can be combined. We will virtualise your hardware with Microsoft HyperV, the market leader in this area. Furthermore, you will save costs for the acquisition of new hardware when virtualising your server environment in our data center.

Data center

A small office and no room for IT hardware? No problem: In this case we will provide you with clients, server and telephony through our data center. Advantage no. 1: Your workflow won’t change. Advantage no. 2: There’s room for a staff member instead of IT. Only one device will stay where it has been ever since: the printer.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

It doesn’t matter if we talk about location connectivity, home office or teleworking – we will see to a manufacturer independent interconnectivity with maximum security and reliability. We will connect employees, project offices and clients to Your network. Telephony covering all locations included.