Sometimes, we’ll send our fire brigade. Though there’s no fire.

With encryption trojans all around, the dangers comming from malicious malware have increased rapidly. For this, reliable backups and trustworthy antivirus protection are obligatory. If 5 or 500 endpoints: We will plan, install and monitor antivirus solutions offered by market leaders – at affordable costs and included hosting. With our own infrasctructure for ESET Antivirus we are able to provide out of the box deployments in record time.


Your firewall is the basis for security at network level. The installation defines which data packages are allowed to pass – and which ones not. The spectrum of possible configuration is immense: Ranging from simple to complex, from port filter to content inspection. We will tailor your firewall to ensure security and performance.

Back Up

With us, a working backup is the number one priority. For how much time can you do without your data? Hardware can be replaced, your data can’t. We will adjust the backup according to your requirements. In addition to the backup on-site, we will protect your data with cloud and off site backups. Thus, you will have a copy available in case of theft, fire or water damage. Aside from your Know-How, your data is your most precious good.


In the age of encryption trojans a reliable antivirus protection is absolutely vital. We provide the market leader’s centrally administered protection system ESET. Our central monitoring will notice immediatly if something gets out of hand. No matter if in your head office, in your branch or in the office at home. We will react and protect your infrastructure.


As to data security, the European Union has sent out a clear signal with the GDPR. At the same time, however, the practical implentation for businesses of a smaller or medium size is anything but easy. We will get your IT ready for GDPR – and we will also take care of the tedious task of IT documentation. Don‘t have your TOM ready? We do that too.

Your firewall is the basis for security at network level.